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Gift King is an app that has been released by just in time to help us Average Joes pick out a gift for a significant other this Christmas. Designed specifically to base suggestions on her personality, it is supposed to make the job incredibly easy, producing unique results that you won’t be seeing in the shops, and all from the comfort of your phone – so you can buy her gifts when you’re lying in bed, or when you’re on the train home.

There are two types of men in this world. Those that go to extreme lengths, know their partner inside and out, and have the most random, cool and appropriate gifts to hand for any situation to impress their significant other. Then there is the other type, those that see the process as burdensome and tiring, and hope to god that at the end of it they don’t suffer for making a bad decision. Thanks to some wizardry on the part of internet retailers, we are beginning to find a way of levelling that playing field.

The Gift King app is mainly geared at finding gifts ‘for her’, and the landing page lets you try to determine what sort of gift she may like by arranging some slider bars along the following categories:

  • Is she sentimental?
  • Does she like jewellery?
  • Is family important?
  • Does she love her home?
  • Is she giggly?
  • And importantly – how much are you looking to spend?

Using this, Gift King will then bring up a range of gifts from that should suit. Anything from personalised box frames to glasses cases, necklaces, furniture, the list goes on. A lot of these can be personalised, but therein lies the tricky part, ensuring that your personalised gifts will arrive in time, so stay vigilant when ordering. If you aren’t sure, you can tag items, or share them via social media or email (if you need a second opinion). But that might just give the game away.

Gift King Personalisation

Gift King is not strictly limited to buying products for her either, you could easily cover a lot of people off the list using the app, however it won’t provide anything like the level of specificity you get through using the sliders. The gifts from the site are wonderfully unique though, and you can guarantee that a purchase from here won’t be showing up in any other package under the tree. Interestingly, as these are independent producers of goods that are sold through the site, you are really contributing to making two peoples’ Christmases when you buy your gift.

Don’t feel you have to use the app though, the site is potentially better if you are looking for a wider range of products with more tags and categories to choose from – techy girlfriends, those that like the sea specifically, etc.

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