We’ve all been there: You’re at a friend’s house listening to an incredible new band, looking at photos from the night before or getting help with some work – but your pen-drive is nowhere to be found. You’ve lent it to someone else or left it at home. With Gigs2Go from the BOLTgroup, file-sharing could not be simpler or, more importantly, convenient.


Encased in 100% recyclable paper, Gigs2Go offers a set of four USB drives that you simply tear off when needed. They come in either 1GB, 8GB or 16GB sets, so you can share to your hearts content personally or professionally.

Convenience is everything and the Gigs2Go are the size of a credit card so they can easily fit in to your wallet. It also means you can afford to lend a stick or two without the annoyance of not being to use one yourself. Not to mention new technology products can often be incredibly environmentally unfriendly – the Gigs2Go couldn’t be more green.

It’s a very simple concept, but usually they are the best. Which is why the idea found it’s funding through Kickstarter. We think they’re an excellent idea. They start at $24.95 and you can also get them personalised for company use. The only issue is, it is still something to remember…



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