GINA Smart Coffee Instrument

Coffee is big business these days with some Joes needing a daily shot of caffeine far more than a cold one when they get home. If you’re one of those Joes then you may be interested in GINA, a smart coffee instrument which enables you to brew coffee with pour-over, immersion and cold drip.

The GINA Smart Coffee Instrument is aimed at Joes who love their coffee like they love their wine. Built for the connoisseurs out there, GINA is designed to ensure your morning coffee is perfect every single time, just the way you like it.

The ‘valve’ on GINA is specially designed so you can play with three different brewing techniques: For a classic ‘Pour Over’, all you need to do is pour hot water over coffee grounds while leaving the valve open. Simple. But if you like your coffee a little sharper, you can soak your coffee grounds in the ceramic funnel before opening the valve for an ‘Immersion’ brew.

Gina Smart Coffee Instrument 3
If you’re really serious about coffee, however, and like to take your time, you can even create your own ‘Cold Drip’ by putting grounds into the inner glass pitcher and pouring cold water into the funnel. Then simply set the drop flow and let it drip for the sweetest taste and smoothest beverage body.

GINA comes with an in-built Bluetooth weighing scale too, which means you can perfect the ratio between coffee, water and time. As this is the 21st century, there’s naturally also an accompanying app which connects you to a coffee loving community, allowing you to create and share your own brewing print.

If you love your coffee enough to purchase a GINA Smart Coffee Instrument, head over to their Kickstarter Website where you can get hold of one for around £130 ($160). Makers Goat Story deliver worldwide and shipping is expected to commence in April 2017.

Gina Smart Coffee Instrument 2
Gina Smart Coffee Instrument 4