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Gioteck EX-06 Wireless Headphone Review

I take a look at the soon to be released Gioteck EX-06 Wireless headphones built for home entertainment, gaming and on the move use. I tested their features to see whether they are up to the task in what is a very competitive market. Read on for our Gioteck EX-06 Wireless Headphone Review.

Upon opening the box to the slick zip carry case housing the phones, things are looking promising. Unzipping the case, took a quick cursory glance at the manual to see how I could start the test ride… ‘Getting started: ‘Plug the headphones into the computer and fully charge before use. charge takes 4-5 hours.‘ Hang on, what!? You’re telling me I can’t even use them for 5 hours! Obviously you’re not going to wait for a full charge before trying them out, but at that point you just hope the battery life is bloody good.

Fast forward an hour and before attempting any gaming or Mac headset use, I thought I’d try what I was most excited about. Wireless headphones with my ipod/phone ‘on the move’.

I’m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t this. Use the words ‘on the move’ VERY loosely. By on the move what they really mean is; you have to have the wireless transmitter plugged into a usb device (via usb cable), a headphone jack then plugged from that to your device and then you get wireless headphones with about an 8 metre range before it starts cutting out. How that’s on the move I’m not quite sure, as to make it usable on the train for example, it seems unless you have a portable device with a usb input like a laptop, you’re going to be needing a desktop computer and a generator just to get the wireless ‘on the move’ feature. Which bearing in mind there are plenty of working Bluetooth wireless headphones out there, it is hardly hard and high technology!

If I’m honest, I was expecting to be able to have my phone/ipod and the headphones, maybe a small transmitter (but even then, why!?), and then I’d be away. So although it is wireless (mostly), it’s not exactly portable and as ‘on the move’ as advertised. Let’s hope they stand up when it comes to gaming and home entertainment then.

Gioteck EX-06 Audio quality

Definition is fantastic, and when in the loud part or drop of a track, it really does rival that of Dr Dre ‘Beats’ headphones. The headphones have a surround sound boost option which quite frankly is just immense. For music it throws you into the front row of Wembley in an overpowering music experience, and if you’ve ever wondered what a war zone sounds like, connect these to your xBox or Playstation. However, it has to be mentioned that when the battery is getting low there is an increasing really annoying static buzzing sound whenever there isn’t anything loud playing, and sometimes when listening to things at low levels.

Gioteck EX-06 Microphone Quality 

Hard to hear for yourself as you don’t get a monitor of your own voice (probably for the better), but from what I’m told by the people I’ve played online gaming with or ‘Skyped’ with, it’s pretty clear.

Gioteck EX-06 Connectivity

The headphones come with a fair few cables and connecting accessories, meaning it can be used with pretty much anything including xBox and Playstation consoles as well as PC / Mac, with multiple connecting options with each. It’s basically usable with anything that has a USB input or AUX output.

Gioteck EX-06 Looks

They are big…but with a slick design in mind, and if you can look past the size of the headphones themselves, everything is pretty attractive and well coloured.

Gioteck EX-06 Wireless Headphone Review Verdict 

For their primary purpose, fantastic. One of the best headphones and Mic Combo I’ve ever used for pc/mac/ps3 gaming. I’d also recommend them for drummers as the noise cancelling is effective and the volume can be pushed pretty loud, meaning you could play your backing tracks through them and have a good old drum without any cables getting in the way.

They’re a solid, and effective pair of headphones that suit their purpose pretty darn well, only thing that lets them down is the false promise of ‘on the move’ listening and seeing as this is one of the main features advertised it’s going to take it’s toll on the rating. But then again, would you really walk round town with these on your head?

The headphones are available now from Gioteck.



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