Never Carry Your Shopping with The Gita Robot Cargo Carrier

Having an extra pair of hands would mean the ability to accomplish all sorts of tasks; being able to cook in double quick time; being able to wash up and dry simultaneously; and being able to play on the Xbox while working on your laptop. Those sorts of things. But while Gita can’t quite help you on those fronts, the robot cargo carrier can shift your luggage, shopping or whatever else you like, leaving your hands completely free while on the move.

Gita is an intelligent and nimble vehicle designed to carry any cargo you have while you’re on the go. Like your own personal robot slave, Gita can navigate high-density urban spaces while following people or move autonomously along pathways that it has already travelled.

Designed to solve the problem’s urban living presents such as needing a car when you’re going for a shop, the Gita cargo robot is engineered with the same attention to safety, braking, balancing and vehicle dynamics that you would expect of a high-performance motorbike.

Gita Robot Cargo Carrier 1

With its name meaning ‘short journey’ in its native Italy, Gita is 26 inches tall and can carry up to 40lbs (18kgs). It can also reach speeds of up to 22mph which means you don’t need to be at walking pace for Gita to keep up; she can accompany you on a run or even a cycle.

As well as being able to follow you, Gita also comes with the ability to map routes. That means it can move by itself to pick up lunches, packages, and anything else you need while you’re working or if you’re just too lazy to move!

Gita Robot Cargo Carrier 4

By looking at the design of Gita, you’ll probably not be surprised to learn the cargo robot was created by the company behind the iconic Vespa (Piaggio). But while the design is undoubtedly great to look at, we do think a 40lbs weight limit defies the point of needing help carrying in the first place. And we don’t even want to imagine getting Gita up some stairs!

Find out more details over at the Gita Website.

Gita Robot Cargo Carrier 3