Take a look at probably the coolest wall clock you’ve ever feasted your eyes on. Introducing the Glance Clock, a minimalist clock which displays any information you want from your favorite wearables, smart home devices, and smartphone applications. Oh yeah, it tells the time too!

Glance Clock Smart Wall Clock

The Glance Clock is your new favourite clock. As well as doing normal boring old functions like showing the time, it’s also hooked up to the cloud so it can receive data from your smartphone to display anything you’d want, such as messages, incoming calls, and important calendar dates.

Where the Glance Clock will probably come into its own, though, is through its organisation of busy days. Working with all of your favorite calendar and productivity apps, the smart clock interface will work as your own diary with notifications when you’ve got a meeting or appointment coming up, or dinner plans with your mother!

To get the most out of your day, the Glance Clock will also let you know when to take your umbrella with you. Daily weather updates, including outside temperature and chance of rain, are displayed right in front of your with some cool animations. There’s even the choice of notifications for when a door is open or lights are on!

Glance Clock Smart Clock 4
The Glance Clock does come with a high-quality speaker meaning you can naturally use it as your alarm clock. The speaker can also be used for notifications if you wish – handy for calls and messages especially.

Whether you think the Glance Clock will take off or not, it’s undeniably beautiful. We’re assured it’s easy to hang too and that the charging cable is long and versatile, so finding a socket nearby isn’t essential.

The Glance Clock is due for release in just 2 days where it’ll set you back around £150 ($199), but if you sign up now you’ll get half of the price knocked off. So if we were you, we’d get over to that Glance Clock Website now!

Glance Clock Smart Clock 2
Glance Clock Smart Clock 3



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