Glitty Wooden MacBook Covers

Sometimes we come across a piece of design here at Average Joes and just full in love. Today is one of those days. Take a look at the simple and beautifully crafted Glitty wooden covers for you MacBook.

American-based designers Glitty have introduced a wooden skin which can be easily applied to the exterior of your Apple laptop to give it a fresh new look. Glitty use 3M adhesive, a special adhesive strong enough to hold the skin onto your computer, but also able to be completely and easily removed with no sticky residue should you get bored of the look… we’d be annoyed if you did though!

The skin comes in a three different types of wood with offers of Cherry, Walnut, and Ebony, which, as well as looking stunning, will help preserve the fineness of your MacBook and enable complete consistency between your computer and Glitty.

After cutting the skin, every detail is addressed by Glitty’s trained hands and focused eyes. They examine, sand, and apply two coats of 100% natural finish to each skin. They then buff, inspect, and carefully package your skin so it arrives to you in pristine condition. Each product is completely handmade.

It may only be a cover but the detailing on the Glitty covers should be admired. The edges have clearly been delicately crafted and leaving the Apple logo visible is an important touch. We don’t know about you but we adore the Glitty covers and will be putting in our order today!

The Glitty wooden covers for you MacBook will set you back around £50 ($79) plus postage for the Walnut and Cherry woods, while the Ebony design will set you back around £85 ($129). Check out the Glitty Website where international shipping is available.