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Up until now, most virtual reality developments within the industry have focused mainly on the sense of sight for customer experiences. Mainly because this is the easiest reality to manipulate. But as the makers of Gloveone point out, what’s the first thing Joes do after they put on a virtual reality headset? They try to touch & feel everything! Well, this is now possible with the Gloveone!

Gloveone enables users to feel and touch any virtual object that they can see on the screen or in their VR headsets. If a virtual apple is shown on the screen, with Gloveone you will be able to feel its shape or weight, sense all of its physical features, and even smash it!

With the Gloveone, it’s all about translating touch sensations into vibrations. There are 10 actuators (sensors) distributed along the palm and fingertips of Gloveone, which vibrate independently at different frequencies and intensities, reproducing accurate touch sensations. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

The makers have successfully completed their initial prototyping stage, and now they need your support to build a community of developers around Gloveone to create sensations never felt before. It’s hard to know where this technology will go in the future but it’s pretty clear that this is the future.

It’s being sold on crowd-funding website Kickstarter. They main reason for this is because Gloveone say it’s very expensive to produce small batches of prototypes. They need to manufacture more than 700 units in order to make it affordable for any user. And that’s where you come in!

You can get hold of your very own Gloveone for around £130 ($199). The project has 20 days to go and has currently raised around half of its target. So they need your help! Get over to the Gloveone Kickstarter Website to lend them your hand.



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