Gnarbox Pocket Editor

While we couldn’t live without our cameras here at Average Joes, the one big problem we find is managing and editing our footage efficiently and instantly is near on impossible. This could all be about to change with the Gnarbox, the world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage.

Working with high resolution footage while traveling is a challenge. Professional and amateur photographers all struggle with the decision of whether to shoot away from their computer or to carry everything with them. The Gnarbox eliminates this decision.

The makers of the Gnarbox want Joes to get the most out of your cameras and content. With the device you can back-up your camera from the field, organize all of your footage quickly, edit all of your footage remotely and even share all of your best footage in full resolution. All of this without even having to think about a laptop.

The Gnarbox has capacity for up to 128 GB of full resolution footage from any camera. All you have to do is put in your memory card to the Gnarbox and the rest is sorted. It will connect to your phone through the Gnarbox App. From there, you can edit and tart up your stills and video (up to 4K Video & RAW photos), and share it with the rest of the world!

You can plug in up to 3 cameras at one time via USB3, SD, or microSD, and the Gnarbox will connect up to 4 phones via the built-in hotspot so you and your Joes can view shared content simultaneously.

While the editing streams will be fairly unsophisticated, the ability to handle high resolution content from any GoPro HERO or DSLR camera is something we know be a big selling point. It also won’t fill up your phone’s memory so your phone should still function as normal despite the quality of footage.

It’s being sold on Kickstarter and with over 20 days to go the Gnarbox has already smashed its target. But you can still get hold of a Gnarbox for the heavily discounted price of around £95 (usually £160). So get over to the Gnarbox Kickstarter Website for what sounds like the easiest and quickest editing experience around!