With landfills at breaking point and issues surrounding single-use plastic only now being addressed, we can probably all agree that something needs to change in plastic production. One studio trying to do their bit is UK design studio Gomi, who have created a portable Bluetooth speaker using plastic waste that’s deemed non-recyclable by UK local councils.

Gomi Introduce Portable Speaker Made from Non-Recyclable Plastic

Brighton-based Gomi have created a speaker whose body is formed from multi-coloured, marble-effect plastic. According to the design studio, the equivalent of 100 plastic bags in non-recyclable (or flexible) plastic goes into the body of each speaker.

It’s been designed in response to research that showed plastic waste makes up 85% of the pollution on beaches around the world, while 300 million kilos of flexible plastics are thrown away every year in the UK alone. Flexible plastic includes the likes of plastic bags and bubble wrap, and are currently not accepted by UK councils for recycling.


Each Gomi speaker is hand-marbled, which means every product has its own individual aesthetic and colour pattern, depending on the particular plastic waste that has gone into it. The studio worked with local food wholesalers to use their flexible plastic and say each speaker can easily be separated and melt down should the speaker need recycling in the future.


Gomi note that each speaker is “not only aesthetically desirable, but also sounds great”. To achieve this, the studio worked with electronic engineers and audio professionals to hone the sound of the speaker.

The Gomi Speaker will be crowd-funded on Kickstarter and in a bid to move towards a ‘circular economy’, they’re also aiming to offer free repairs and a recycling system for all of their products. Find out more over at the Gomi Website.


Gomi aren’t the only ones working towards a ‘circular economy’ either. Last week, Swedish furniture giants IKEA announced furniture rental scheme trials in Switzerland, as well as a furniture exchange program in the UK.



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