Google Chromecast

The original Chromecast was revealed in 2013 and has been a huge success for Google since having sold over 20 million of the things worldwide. So there’s a fair bit of interest in Google’s unveiling of the new Chromecast which seems to be focused on providing high res pictures straight to your TV.

The first Chromecast set a trend by offering a device that could turn even the most basic of TVs into a smart one by the simple click of a button. It was cheap and incredibly simple to use which meant it was accessible to any Joe who could control a smartphone.

The new Chromecast appears to be carrying on in a similar vein with Google seemingly using the ‘if it ain’t broke’ moto. While the functions are practically the same, the look is clearly very different.

The minimalist round design has a short and flexible HDMI cable attached to it which will now support more TVs than the all-in-one design first time around. It’s also available in Yellow and Red as well as your standard Black.

The main difference with the new Chromecast is the higher-performance hardware which has been added for high-resolution streams, which means buffering should be at a minimum. There’s also a couple of other touches with some redesigned wireless and you can now use your own photos in the screensaver.

But the new Chromecast wasn’t the only announcement… Google also want to make sure you hear the sound as clearly as you can see the pictures. Say hello to the Chromecast Audio!

The same size as the new Chromecast, the Chromecast Audio will simply connect the sound from your streams and feed them into your stereo speakers. All you need to do is connect is via an aux input, RCA or optical input.

The first Chromecast has been so popular that Google say the Cast button has been hit around one and a half billion times since its launch. We see no reason they can’t get another billion in the next two years. The new Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio will both go on sale for £30.