Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Google Instant Search Launched

Google is again, attempting to redefine search by introducing Instant Search. The latest trick predicts what a user is typing and show results based on that information. As more letters are in-putted the search is defined in more detail.

Instant search is live now and you can try it out over at Google UK and staff have described it as “search at the speed of thought”. Currently only live on desktops, it is expected to be pushed to mobile devices this year and is only available in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, France and Russia.

The main worry might come to SEO professionals who now need to again learn the tricks in the system to keep their clients at the top of rankings. Will people stop at more major key phrases or will they continue on and type in a longer tail to filter less searches?

Google estimates that the typical user spends nine seconds entering a query and 15 seconds looking for answers. They claim that Google Instant could shave between two and five seconds off a typical web search.

Surely the problem Google will have is predicting what people actually want? I was worried when I tried to find Google Analytics this morning that typing in ‘anal ytics’ might bring me an unwanted surprise. However it didn’t and in-fact after testing ‘anal’ (to a degree, mik) it still showed analytics results. What does this mean for the gay community? Must they now wack off to stats and graphs? Is this a secret ploy from Google to turn everyone straight…?



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