Wi-Fi can be a cruel mistress. Being the most convenient and probably most important aids in our day to day lives means that the annoyance and outright anger it can cause when we don’t have it is unparalleled. But Google being Google are here to take the pain away with a new smart router called OnHub.

Google OnHub

The OnHub is a Wi-Fi router from Google and hardware company TP-LINK which promises to keep your router out of sight and always connected.

OnHub is smart. Once it’s running, it will look around for the smoothest and most interference-free connection and start broadcasting on it so you shouldn’t get any signal interruptions from the other hundred wireless signals flying around your gaff.

OnHub’s innovative circular antenna design also means that it will give you reliable Wi-Fi coverage in more directions. Not only that, once it’s connected, OnHub will consistently and constantly adjust that channel so your connection remains stable and never drop.

OnHub will also let you prioritise a device so it has the fastest Wi-Fi for the activities that matter most. Want to stream without interruption on your laptop? Just tell OnHub to ignore the other networks connecting to it.

Google is also trying to make it easier to check the status of your OnHub router, thanks to the accompanying app which tells you everything you need to know about your connection. The app will also guide you through the setup and give you control of the password. We should also say it looks very stylish!

You can pre-order the Google OnHub from the OnHub Website for a price of $199, which equates to around £130. It’s only being sold in the US at the moment but we can’t see any reason you can’t get one shipped over! Alternatively, just wait – we’re certain we’ll see it sold over here soon enough and we can all forget about dodgy Wifi forever!




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