Google Pixel 4a – The best budget smartphone?

After delays and multiple rumours, Google have finally revealed their latest budget smartphone, the Pixel 4a. Starting at just £349

It seems that for their latest budget model, Google have found a simple solution – Simplicity. The Pixel 4a comes in one colour, one size and has a simple design. There seems to be nothing flashy spec-wise in this latest offering from Google either. It has a decent camera. A nice looking display. Decent battery life with fast charging but not a lot else. If you’re often overwhelmed by the gimmicks on other smartphones then this might just be up your street.

Photography is clearly Google’s main emphasis when selling the 4a. And why not. We love taking photos with our phones and you can’t just post any old shot to instagram these days. The Pixel 4a boasts a 12.2mp rear camera and features HDR+, Night Sight and Portrait modes. It’ll even let you add portrait mode to images not taken on the phone in the Google Photos app.

From what we’re hearing that camera is pretty great too. At the price point you just get that single camera, no ultra -wide or telephoto, but colours are vivid and quality will not be something users miss out on and certainly seems to be on par with Apple’s latest iPhone SE. It has plenty of software features to make your photos better and will give some flagship phones a run for their money. No 4K video but it will do 120fps 1080p and will be fine for people who rarely shoot video on their phone.

If you’re one of this people that still misses the traditional headphone jack then you’ll be pleased here. The Pixel 4a is still rocking the old faithful 3.5mm jack. This is good because we doubt the single built in speaker will make much sound that great.

The body of the 4a is all plastic. A simple design with the only flourish being the now-traditional contrast power button. The matt-black finish looks ok if a little cheap. But then it is a cheap phone. It’s an honest phone that doesn’t seem like it’s tricking you into thinking it’s more expensive.

One area where it does seem like a big increase in quality/style is the screen. It’s a 5.8 inch full HD OLED panel with single hole-punch for the front 8mp camera. It has barely any bezels. Especially compared to previous Google phones with their inconsistent and odd looking chins and notches.

Powering the phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 which is ok and there’s a healthy 6gb of ram. The battery is an also ok 3140mAh. Specs that won’t set the world on fire but at under £350 it’s rather impressive. Google is taking pre-orders today but does not list a shipping date on their website.

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