Google Unveil 2nd Gen Pixel Buds

Without warning Google have unveiled their second generation Pixel Buds. With AirPod-like performance, the sweat- and water-resistant Pixel Buds offer optimum comfort, 5 hours of playback and even translations straight into your ear.

Design-wise, the new Pixel Buds have small stems which help hold them in place, as well as three sizes of ear tips for solid natural sound isolation. Google have fitted them with custom-designed 12mm dynamic speaker drivers as well as built-in sensors to detect when you’re talking, and mics focused on your voice to make sure that background noise stays there.

There’s 5 hours of playback time with an extra 19 hours in the charging case, while easy access to Google Assistant is expected. They’re sweat and water resistant too, making them perfect for both the morning commute on a rainy day and sweaty workouts at the gym.

Google Unveil 2nd Gen Pixel Buds 2

While they work best with Android devices, they’re also compatible with any Bluetooth 4.0 device, so they’ll work just fine with iPhones too. Other features include a Find My Device function, so don’t worry about misplacing them, and you can also get real-time translations right in your ear.

Available in four colours, Google’s 2nd generation Pixel Buds each come with a white wireless charging and carry case. There’s no official UK release date yet as they’re currently only available in the US for $179. However, you can join a waiting list over at the Google Website.

Google Unveil 2nd Gen Pixel Buds 3
Google Unveil 2nd Gen Pixel Buds 4

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