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Saving energy is something we all know we should be doing. The GravityLight is an innovative solution that generates power from the lift of a weight. No batteries and no sun. Instant light, any time.

The makers of the GravityLight firmly believe that everyone on the planet should have safe and clean light. Today, over 1 in 5 people do not have electricity. Instead, they rely on dangerous and polluting kerosene lamps for light. GravityLight has been designed primarily as a safe, clean and affordable alternative to kerosene lamps.

But how does it work? Once the GravityLight is installed on a sturdy beam, you’ll need to attach a 12kg weight – a bag of rocks or sand is suggested. Once attached, your lamp is good to go! The weight is lifted by pulling the bead cord several time. On release, the weight falls very slowly. This movement powers the DC generator. When the weighted bag hits the floor, just repeat the process!

Switching from kerosene to GravityLight starts a positive cycle of benefits – of money saved, increased productive hours and improved health. The makers are also eager to demonstrate their commit to their international development by establishing an assembly line in Kenya.

Although the GravityLight will be available anywhere, Kenya is one of the company’s launch markets for off-grid families. It represents a gateway to East Africa and has an emerging manufacturing industry, which they hope to help develop and grow.

A worthy cause but also a worthy product, GravityLight is being sold on crowd-funding website Indiegogo and you can get hold of one for around £45. They’ve also teamed up with notoriously ethical ice-cream makers Ben & Jerry’s so you get even get yourself an ice-cream party!




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