There is a new entrant into the luxury phone market in the shape of the world’s first polished titanium mobile phone. A single piece case crafted from the same type of titanium used in the aerospace industry, hand polished using Gresso’s own technology means that this phone won’t be appearing in a carphone warehouse.

Gresso Cruiser Titanium Phone

Each case goes through a 9 stage manufacturing process which includes around 16 hours of work from a single high-qualified craftsman. The cruiser boasts a perfect geometrical prolonged rectangle shape and should even feel warm in the hand given that it’s made from titanium. The phone measures up at 112*46*12 with a weight of 116 grams and if you thought you might look a bit silly if someone else has the same phone don’t worry; only 555 pieces are available worldwide, each sporting a unique serial number on the side.

With the Symbian S40 Operating System, looks over functionality will be the draw for this piece and a price tag of $2500 will certainly only appeal to those with cash to throw around!

If I’m honest this reminds me of the Nokia 8850 from the days when Nokia were king, I loved that phone but I’m not sure if 16 hours of polishing is enough to make me fall in love all over again.

Further details of the Cruiser Titanium and other models from their range can be found on the website –

col_gresso_cruiser_titanium_phone_max1 col_gresso_cruiser_titanium_phone_max2



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