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Grovemade Desk Collection

Many of us sit at a desk for 40 hours plus on a weekly basis. But most of us also seem to take little interest or pride in the appearance of our working area. Grovemade design company are looking to change that with their new Desk Collection.

Grovemade are located in Portland, Oregon and are considered one of ‘the finest purveyors of wooden technological accessories’ on the market. They recently released Walnut wood iPhone cases that we’re big fans of and it’s fair to say we’re fully sold on their new ergonomic and elegant Desk Collection too.

The collection includes a monitor stand, keyboard tray, mousepad, ruler, wristpad, pen pot, paperclip tray, plant holder and a beautiful desk lamp. All are made from either Walnut or Maple wood and feature machine-made aluminum and high quality leather.

Aesthetically, the collection is stunning and will add a real touch of class to your working area or study. As well as looking immaculate, the collection also provides a little extra storage space with the paperclip holder.

The posture of your desk will also be dramatically improved by the monitor stand which will raise your screen by 4 inches. Most modern computer monitors are simply not tall enough so we think this is a great addition.

For all the ergonomic advantages the Grovemade Desk Collection provides, this is fundamentally about adding sophistication. We’d concede it’s definitely more suited to the Mac owners but the collection would probably be more desirable to that market anyway.

The prices range from $19 for the paperclip holder to $79 for the monitor stand. While it’s not loose change, we think it’s worth the price. If you agree, check out Grovemade’s online store here.




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