When it comes to speakers, we’re firm believers than they should not only sound good, they should look the part too. And one set we’ve come across recently which fully fulfils the brief are these Wooden Speakers by American tech company Grovemade.

Grovemade Wooden Speakers

Based in Portland, Oregon, Grovemade aren’t your average tech brand. Rather than separate the tasks of designing, manufacturing and administrating, the team of 20 all chip in with the marketing, photography, writing, and customer service all done mere feet away from the woodshop.

With each member of Grovemade intersecting and creating, it’s no surprise that the brand are keen to collaborate. As such, the beautiful Wooden Speakers have been made in partnership with famed industrial and audio designer Joey Roth.

Grovemade Wood Speakers Walnut 3
The Grovemade Wooden Speaker has been simplified down to its essentials by replacing digital signal processing with a custom design. It packs a full-range driver to produce the entire range of frequency and the back-loaded horn reinforces the speaker’s bass response. Its form has also taken shape so to eliminate any unnecessary distortion.

As far as specs go, the speaker features 2 x 25W amplifier at 8 Ohms, Fountek FR58EX Drivers, 2 x RCA inputs for connection to any audio device, and an 18 gauge custom speaker wire with banana plugs.

Grovemade Wood Speakers Walnut 2
Naturally, with this attention to detail, the materials used of the highest order. Though as it’s made with natural materials, you can expect variation in colour and wood grain for some added character.

The Grovemade Wooden Speaker comes in either Walnut (as pictured) or Maple. If you love the design of them as much as we do, head over to the Grovemade Website where a set of Walnut speakers will cost you around £460 ($599) and a pair of Maples will set you back around £380 ($499).

Grovemade Wood Speakers Walnut 4



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