The new GTA V trailer is a stunner, no point in debating that. Once again Rockstar have resurfaced to show that there are game franchises far greater than Halo, Call Of Duty or FIFA. Its been a year since their last, and since then nothing has really been able to fill the void. Sure, Saints Row III isn’t too bad, but it is nowhere near as engaging or grounded in reality.

GTA V Trailer No. 2


What can we hope or expect from GTAV? Well, a lot has been brought up and discussed over the past year as well as throwing us some lovely new footage in the trailer. Firstly, we are faced with three protagonists now, not just the one young chap, whose lives you jump in and out of in order to play and progress the story: Frank, Trevor and Michael. Whilst we have had young guns in the past, one of these three is an older guy. Why? Its to give a sense of perspective, to look at how the story may have progressed for our old characters after they hit the big time and then retired (or maybe pointing to the success of Walt & Breaking Bad – Joe…). Just like the games, the life the character left behind is too hard to forget and move away from.

The game world is set to be absolutely huge. In the previous games the city or islands have been ever increasing in size, quality and detail. This time, it is set to be bigger than the past two combined an effort to ensure that flying around in a plane or helicopter isn’t as restricted by the invisible walls. I personally expect that within these larger worlds every single character and random people on the street will be even more interactive, perhaps taking a leaf from Skyrim, without making them too essential so that you can’t simply mount the curb and take a few out!


Although a lot of the characters will be expendable, there will be those essential to the story line and those providing you missions. If you’ve ever played a GTA title before, you know that you have to take the bad with the good, some missions are painstakingly slow and tiresome whilst others are too easy and over in a flash. This time around, taking inspiration from their best work and focusing on heists. Each mission will be contributing in a way to advance the story of each character simultaneously.

Whilst there will be the new stuff, Rockstar would be mad to dispense with everything we all know and love about the gaming franchise. Therefore you can expect that there will be a good range of weapons, a wanted rating, getting busted, an awesome soundtrack and fun radio stations, witty banter and dialogue in game, the prostitutes and also some popular culture references as we can see in the GTA V trailer (at least, I hope you can spot it!).

Check out the new GTA V trailer below and let us know what you think, we have also included a few GTA V screenshots just as a little teaser.


The current GTA V release date is pegged for Spring 2013, and we can’t wait!



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