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GTA V Trailer

GTA V Trailer - New GTA 5 Trailer

Want the latest? Check out the new GTA V Trailer.

Want the latest? Check out the new GTA V Trailer.

Rockstar games have a history of bringing us some of the best and innovative games, as well as those that make all self respecting adults and parents shake their heads in disgust. After an extended period of absence, presumably to give us a chance to work our way through the engrossing L.A. Noire, they’re back with an all new Grand Theft Auto title.

Details have remained sketchy, and a week ago Rockstar games announced on their twitter account that the trailer would be released on November 2nd. #GTAV will likely maintain the tradition of the game operating in an open world environment, with great options for interaction with the city’s inhabitants: the shopkeepers, the pedestrians, the drivers, the mobs, the women… All the things that have been developed over the years since GTA was initially launched way back in 1997. With all things going to plan, GTAV looks like it’ll hit the online shelves in 2012, 15 years after we played the first 2D top-down action-adventure game.

The trailer will go live below at 4pm GMT, with our comments under that.

Having had the chance to watch the trailer, things are certainly looking good from the outset. It looks like we have the pleasure of returning to Vinewood and Los Santos, the locations that most fans celebrate as the best in the series, and hopefully some of those wonderfuly developed characters we know will make a return.

It does look like location and character will be big features of the game. Rather than having a focus on the action, the trailer showed us the city and what at first appears to be a painfully high level of detail has gone in to making it look and feel like a real place. The cars, the women, the jet-skis, the golfing, the underpasses, the less-than-savoury characters to name but a few features. On top of this is a little monologue, a voice-over of who potentally is the character of the game. A family man with an ideal who gets caught up in things GTA style. A shift towards characters with real back story perhaps? Only time will tell, but it looks and sounds amazing already…

Excited much? We are.



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