Deep down, many of us would like to think ourselves as photographers, whether we are on our iPhone, point and shoot or full SLR, you will find people laying on the floor, hiding round corners and running off into the sunset to get the perfect shot, or what they think could make the perfect shot.

Guardian Photography Guide

For us, that’s one of the beauties of photography, you don’t have to be a professional, you don’t have to have thousands of pounds worth of kit, you just need a good eye, the right timing and plenty of imagination! When it comes to a photo, beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder.

Now saying all that, there are some basics, and there will be some tips that you will just want to know and have stored in your locker. And the all new, and free, Guardian Photography Guide will give you just that. This coming Saturday, 17 November pick up your Guardian newspaper and grab your free photography guide inside. Featuring 84 pages of insights and tips from some of the worlds very best photographers.

Talk control with Roger Tooth, Head of Photography, check out the very latest kit with award-winning photographer Dan Chung and explore what next with critic Sean O’Hagan. Not only that, but of course you can join in, take part and send in your pictures to [email protected] Just pick up your free photography guide this Saturday in the Guardian, and for more information click here.


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