Guinness Pint Glass QR Code

We hate QR codes with a passion. Their use? Generally failed PR stunts or organisations with no creative thought when it comes to campaigns. Most are used inappropriately and link to the wrong place. BUT, have we just seen the light… The Guinness QR code glass. A QR code on the outside of the glass. But it only works when said glass is full of Guinness!

Due to the contrast needed on QR- and Bar-codes, an empty glass, or one filled with a more transparent liquid such as lager won’t be picked up. Nope, it needs to be filled with the black stuff!

Once scanned, the code directs you to special content on twitter and facebook, allowing you to download vouchers and of course share with your friends. Yes it is still a gimmick, but least it is a different gimmick with some out of the box thinking.

We like, you?


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