A new table-top dishwasher has been announced by Heatworks called the Tetra. But not only will the app-controlled device wash your dirty dishes, it can also be used to steam seafood and sanitise baby products.

This Mini Dishwasher Can Also Cook Your Seafood

Made in collaboration with design firm Frog, the compact Heatworks Tetra dishwasher importantly doesn’t require any plumbing to do its thing. That means it can be used anywhere as long as you have a standard plug socket nearby.

To use the dishwasher, all you need to do is put your used dishes and glasses on the rack and load the tray inside the Tetra with water. Heatworks’ patented ‘Ohmic Array Technology’ then utilises graphite electrodes and electronic controls to agitate the natural minerals found in water – causing it to heat up.


The temperature of the water can be controlled and monitored through an accompanying app, which also allows users to start washing cycles remotely. The casing on the prototype is completely transparent too, which means users are able to see when their dishes are clean.

Though the Tetra is small in size, it can hold up to two full place settings – including plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery – or the equivalent of 12 pint glasses. A wash cycle lasts just 10 minutes too and only requires around half a gallon per load (around 2.3 litres), saving time, electricity and water.


The use of water as the main cleaning element in the Tetra also means it also has some other pretty incredible functions. Not only can it was baby products without melting them, it can even cook seafood – just like a steamer.

The Heatworks Tetra mini dishwasher will be available to purchase in late 2018 and will cost around £210 ($300). Head over to the Heatworks Website for more details.




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