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HeLi-on Solar Charger

Charging your phone on the go is one of life’s real technological issues. There are a tons of solutions on the market but most involve batteries and a fair bit of forward thinking. Which is why we really like the sound of the HeLi-on solar panel phone charger!

To give it its full name, the infinityPV HeLi-on, is the world’s most compact solar charger. It fits into perfectly into your pocket, and the solar panel can be rolled out when needed instead of in constant use.

Inside the HeLi-on there’s a powerful battery which is charged by the solar panel, so it can store energy as well as send it directly to your phone. The makers say that the HeLi-on will charge your smartphone in 2-3 hours, depending on the make/model. Not brilliant but good for emergencies.

HeLi-on Solar Charger-1
The HeLi-on charger is compatible with any device charging that uses USB, so in theory you can use it for your cameras, game consoles and tablets as well as your phones. The lithium-ion battery inside the HeLi has a capacity of 2,600 milliamp hours. To put that into English, it’s about the same as most iPhone batteries – 163% of the iPhone 5’s, 139% of the iPhone 6’s and 92% of iPhone 6+’s, to be exact.

When HeLi-on say it’s the world’s most compact solar charger, they mean it. The HeLi-on measures just 11.3 x 3.6 x 2.8cm and weighs just 105 grams, so it’s very much pocket friendly! The HeLi-on solar charger is available from Kickstarter now where Joes can get any colour of their choosing for a fairly reasonable £60 (635dkk).

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