Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Helix Cuff and Bluetooth Earphones

We’re firm believers that practicality doesn’t need to suffer under style here at Joes. We share those very fashion and functionality values with Helix, the first wearable with headphones on your wrist. In a sleek form, Helix ensures that fashion and tech are always at hand!

Helix solves the problem of dealing with tangled and easy to lose headphones. Instead of keeping your earphones in your pocket or bag, Helix think Joes will benefit from having them stored in a stylish cuff for easy convenience.

Most of us want to throw on our earphones for short walks to the shops or for that bus journey. It can take minutes to unravel earbuds. With Helix, Joes will plug in their headphones in just seconds.

Helix is compatible with all major mobile and wearable devices via the built-in Bluetooth. From iOS to Android and Windows, you can connect with Helix. Helix can play for up to three hours without charging, which takes less than an hour, and rest on standby for up to 200 hours.

We’re assured the Helix fits comfortably on any wrist and it’s also pretty neutral so should work with any outfit. Plus the cuff comes in either Black or White with either Silver or Gold embellishments, so you should be able to find a tone for to suit your wardrobe.

While Helix are assuring Joes otherwise, we hope the clear drive towards style doesn’t affect the performance of the earphones. Prices start at around £65 ($99) for early backers, so we’re not expecting them to be a bargain bin jelly earphone anyway. It’s being sold on Kickstarter and still has 50 days to go – plenty of time to mull over your purchase!




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