Hitcase Pro iPhone 5 Case

The iPhone5 has been out a month now, and I don’t know about you, but mine is still unshielded from the elements, as naked and bare as the day it was born. Now you will remember that we featured the Best iPhone5 Cases, but even with all those we looked at, not many really tickled our fancy. Close to the top of the list, but not on looks alone, is the new Hitcase Pro iPhone 5 Case.

Now there are a few problems, firstly it isn’t even out yet (!!), which is pretty major, and secondly we don’t 100% know how it will sit on the phone and the bulk it will add to your beloved apple masterpeice. Yes we can take a look at the pictures, but as far as we are aware these are designs, and not actual pictures of a finished product (they haven’t changed on the website in ages).


BUT, let’s get over the potential problems and take a look at what the Hitcase Pro iPhone5 Case could potentially offer us, and why we should get excited about it.

There is a wide angle lens attachment (and rumours of a macro one), which according to the documentation will double the effective view of the standard iPhone 5 lens. All well and good, but it will really depend on the quality, thankfully it looks as though it can be removed, so all in all it is going to be a great added bonus.

Next up, it’s waterproof and ‘ruggedized’! This is what worries me about the case, and it could add extra bulk which for me isn’t really top of my list on case must haves! Hitcase have a patent pending on their shockseal technology, which does look cool, and if it does what it states will be pretty darn good! The waterproof aspect is detailed down to 16 feet, or 5 metres! Now we have used waterproof cases in the past, and good ones at that, and not once has my phone been 100% dry after the event, and I would never dream of taking it to 5m! Now I am sure it may do splash proof, and I might use it in the rain or perhaps even snorkelling, but the pressure at 5m is pretty major, and the chance of that headphone plug popping out is pretty high…!

This is where for us it gets interesting, the patent pending Hitcase Railslide system. In essence a go anywhere, attach anything mount for your iPhone 5. Now yes this may be slightly risky, and it surely won’t be a replacement for our GoPro as the extreme camera set-up of choice. But it will make for some very cool pictures and video opportunity using tripods and other mounting options.


The Hitcase Pro iPhone 5 Case Price? Well no official word, but we expect it to fall in line with the 4S version which is currently coming in at $129.99 with free worldwide shipping. It may sound a lot but when you get a wide angle lens, macro lens and 2 mounts in the box, it’s not a bad package.

There we have it, all your need to know information on the Hitcase Pro iPhone 5 Case, release date, well rumoured to be before Christmas but no promises.

Not convinced, check out our full list of iPhone 5 Cases and judge the competition!