Honda Miimo

Honda have provided some of the best motorbikes on the market in recent years but the Japanese brand is not only an elite bike maker, it’s also looking to, and probably will, become a leader in lawn mowing! Their latest mower is called the Miimo and many are tipping it to be the future of cutting your grass!

The main selling point is the Honda Miimo can cut your lawn completely unaided. Much like we’ve seen new vacuum cleaners that work by themselves, the Miimo can perform basically all aspects of lawn cutting without a hint of supervision.

All that’s needed for the Miimo to work its magic is a small wire perimeter around your chosen grassy plain. Miimo will then know exactly where to and where not to start cutting. The 360 degree sensor means that if the sensor is activated, your Miimo will stop, turn and go in another direction, so your flower beds are safe!

The brilliance of the Miimo is it doesn’t even need emptying – It only shaves a little off the top of your lawn and turns the excess into compost. Once its job is done, the Miimo even drives itself back into the provided charging dock.

According to Honda, the mower mows just 2 or 3 mm off the top (0.08 inches to 0.11 inches) a time but does this regularly several times a week to keep on top of it. It also cuts random patterns each time, which apparently means less stress on grass, more healthy growth, and reduced moss and weeds… or so Honda say!

We’re certain this is the future of most household appliances, but the only problem here is with this being Honda and the technology involved, getting hold of a Miimo is an expensive business. The Honda Miimo is on sale now from various websites for around a whopping £2,000! A very expensive business indeed.