Jul 14 2009 @averagejoesblog

In my first post, I want to pick up on a recent story in a national newspaper. It goes into details on how the internet is cabled and spread across the world, connecting the UK with the states and anywhere with everywhere…

The main pipeline to the UK starts in New York and is cabled all the way across the Atlantic ocean and lands on a beach in Cornwall. It then heads into a building, before being distributed accordingly to our homes UK wide so that you can surf the web.
The article goes on for several pages trying to be discreet about where the cable is (even though we now know it is on a beach in Cornwall). However, they can’t reveal exactly where the cable is due to the threat of a terrorist attack, which would leave many UK homes and business’ without access to the rest of the world. Despite this, the biggest threat to the internet isn’t viruses, trojan horses, worms, beetles or terrorists. It is in fact the terrifying threat of….. fishermen. This worldwide organisation of bearded men can cut off an entire countries access to the internet in one go. Last year a wayward anchor dropped onto the main cable line that connected India and Asia to the rest of the world and caused millions of web users to lose their internet, turn their computers off and read a good book.

So what have we learned from this article? Perhaps the quickest way to wipe out a countries internet access isn’t with some kick ass program that can hack into government systems, all you really need is a boat, a bucket, a spade and a pair of garden shears. A combination of these things should do the job.



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