Though followers have rather darkly become the barometer for popularity these days, there’s always been one thing on Twitter that sets certain accounts apart from the rest of the riff raff; the blue tick. Signaling a ‘verified account’, the social media Holy Grail has long been unobtainable for mere mortals… until now. Jack Dorsey’s gang have opened its verification feature to all and here’s how to get that blue tick.

How to Get the Blue Verified Tick on Twitter

The Twitter verified account is no longer just for celebrities and sports teams. By filling in a form, Twitter users can have their own account assessed for verification. It should be said that not every application will be successful, with a blog post from Twitter saying only accounts of ‘public interest’ are likely to be approved.

Twitter had allowed user applications for verification in the past but removed the feature when they were swamped with requests. By only stating they’ll accept accounts of ‘public interest’, it seems Twitter are hoping some people will be put off applying.

Apart from social media godlike status, the only difference between a normal and a verified account is a specific activity column that shows only @ messages, favourites, and retweets from other accounts of the Twitterati that have similarly been awarded the iconic blue tick.


So how do you apply to be verified? It’s actually fairly simple and is done through an online form. Naturally you’ll need to supply Twitter with a whole load of personal information such as a phone number being linked to the account and a confirmed email address. You’ll also need a fully filled out bio, profile photo and header photo, a birthday, a website, and you’ll also need to be unlocked with public tweets.

But really, that’s it. The only other thing the company are asking for is a short explanation as to why the account should be verified. For individuals it says they should explain their ‘impact’ in their field and for businesses they ask for what its ‘mission’ is.

Twitter hasn’t said if there’s going to be a set number of accounts that will get the blue tick but it has stated that applications will be rejected where necessary, and that those rejected will be able to try again 30 days after the denial. Head over to the Twitter Verification Website to fill in your form.




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