As we’ve said many times previously, distinguishing yourself in a fairly saturated speakers market takes far more than just some bells and whistles. But we think these Pavilion Speakers from California-based designers Hult really do stand out from the crowd with a contemporary design perfect for any modern home.

Hult Pavilion Speaker

Pavilion is a high-performance wireless speaker with an innovative modern design. The premium 20W full-range Peerless transducer in the Pavilion offer Joes the clearest and crispest high-quality sound no matter where this beauty is placed – a concept Hult are calling ‘High Resolution Audio’.

Not only is the Pavilion’s innovation evident in its performance, it’s also evident in its build. The Pavilion has two rather unusual features – a concrete base and a copper pipe spiralling up through the speaker’s body.

Hult Pavilion Speaker 2
But while the two stand out features create a unique aesthetic, they also have a purpose. The high-density concrete used to make the base holds the speaker firmly in place, which prevents any acoustics from being lost through vibrations. The spiral copper pipe inside the clear case might resemble a brass instrument, but the pipe boosts the lower frequencies to provide a clean and warm bass.

Hult Pavilion Speaker 5
The Pavilion connects to audio devices via Bluetooth so you can use it with you iPhone, Android, or any other devices with Bluetooth capabilities. Capacitive touch control is also available, though, on top of the speaker. Made from oak wood, the control panel has a button to sync your device, a play/pause button, and volume control.

The Hult Pavilion Speaker was originally funded on Kickstarter, and while it isn’t on sale yet, you can pre-order for an autumn delivery on the Hult Website. The speaker is available in White or Black from around £200 ($289).

Hult Pavilion Speaker 4
Hult Pavilion Speaker 3



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