When you consider the size of most backpacks on offer these days, we reckon we’re not being unreasonable by wanting some cool tech packed into one of the thousands of cubby holes. Well, the iBackPack has that in spades!


Containing 4 USB ports, a GPS system, Wifi connectivity, proximity alerts, massive batteries and coming with an iOS/Android app, the iBackPack has taken a normal backpack and created a technology powerhouse!

The iBackPack allows any Joe to become their own Wifi Hotspot and has the capabilities for up to 6 friends to connect to it at any one time. It’s capable of providing high-speed internet access through multiple big-hitter carriers in the States like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, and they’re working on them over here. So watch this space.

Having power on the go is always a welcome addition to any bit of kit and the iBackPack packs one of the most impressive portable batteries we’ve seen with a Tesla style battery that’s powerful enough to charge 6 iPads or 12 iPhones completely from scratch via the 4 USB ports.

There’s a Bluetooth speaker installed, which means you’ll always have music on the go too –just don’t be one of those Joes on public transport! The Bluetooth doesn’t stop there with a Bluetooth Proximity Locator built-in, which means, along with the GPS Tracking System, you’ll never lose your bag again.

The tracking system also naturally doubles up as an anti-theft device. If you do think your bag has been stolen, just press the Alarm Button and your bag will start blurting out a siren. Either follow the sound or track your bag on your smartphone via the iBackPack app! Oh, and did we mention it’s waterproof? Handy when you live in good old wet and windy Blighty!

The revolutionary iBackPack is being sold on crowd-funding site Indiegogo where its target has already been smashed with over 20 days to go. You can get hold of your very own for as little as £65 ($99) for a basic version. But when they get the sort the coverage, we’d recommend at least getting the Wi-Fi version for £130 ($199). With the sort of technology packed into your back, we think that’s well worth the investment!




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