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iCodis CB-400 Mini Projector Review

Whilst technology is very much a year round love of Joes, when Winter is just around the corner – home technology comes to the top of our list. Whether it be to watch one of the countless games of ball or the latest blockbuster – home entertainment often rules most peoples home. Well at least in the living room.

Whilst many of us have dreamt about a huge television or projector, neither were very practical for every day use. Until now. Whilst projectors used to be so large you couldn’t own one unless you had your own cinema room, a new generation of near hand sized projectors are flooding the market. Driving down prices and upping features and technology.

Now meet the iCodis CB-400, your completely portable, computer free mini-projector – bringing you all the technology you expect from the latest smartphone but all the way to the big screen. Thanks to its Android TV OS, you can play your favourite apps, and thus films directly from your projector with no other connections needed. We’re talking YouTube, Netflix, or any other streaming platform you happen to be signed up to. You can also install 3rd party apps and add additional storage through an SD card, allowing the iCodis to be your ultimate media buddy.

Though power isn’t always everything when it comes to tech, we’ve always found you need that extra juice with projectors. And the CB-400 certainly delivers on that front. With its 500 ANSI Lumens, this projector is an absolute powerhouse despite its size, with its native HD resolution delivering crystal clear images no matter the app or the film.

This is mainly down to its astonishing 3000 ISO/500 ANSI LUMENS & 10000:1 Contrast Ratio. Chances are that’ll mean nothing to you, but take it from us, that’s incredibly good for a projector, let alone one of this size. It allows a native resolution is 720p but it does also support 1080P as well for re-producing your favourite films or series.

Those stats also mean that mini isn’t just for the projector and you actually don’t need that much space to use it. You can place the projector just two metres from the wall and you will get a screen size of around 70 inches – that’s about £1200 of modern day TV.

If you’re after a mini projector, or any projector that isn’t attached permanently to a ceiling, chances are you’re going to want to use it on the go. And we’re pleased to confirm iCodis have nailed the CB-400 Mini projector in that department. At home, at work, in the bathroom – take it anywhere. It’s not heavy or cumbersome and the vast array of connectivity options mean the CB-400 is the ultimate in portability. And unlike many other projectors, it also comes with a built-in battery. It may only have around 3 hours of play time – but it’s plenty for a film showing or a PowerPoint presentation.

The iCodis CB-400 Mini Projector is available to purchase over at the Amazon Website, where you can get hold of one for £367.90. It’s not cheap but for less than the cost of a decent 37 inch television – it actually is.

It’s part of the new Amazon Shop The Future campaign #ShoptheFuture – who kindly provided us with this projector.




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