The iHotel Gaming Hotel in Taiwan Is an eSports Heaven

Continuing our search for the interesting hotels on the planet, we may not have found the coolest, but we’ve certainly found the geekiest! Take a look at the iHotel in Taiwan, where each room not only has one but two high-performance gaming PCs — complete with designer gaming chairs, large monitors, and glowing lights.

Yes, the iHotel in Taiwan might be the most gamer-friendly hotel in the world. Known for hosting eSports events, the hotel is focused around the video gaming with consoles dotted around the hotel, as well as in rooms, with the hotel’s lobby packed with gaming PCs.

Each gaming station features chairs from DXRacer, a company that makes high-end, expensive gaming chairs, glowing keyboards, glowing mice, and large 32-inch monitors from ASUS. All the computers pack one of the most powerful (and expensive) graphics cards you can buy too, the Nvidia GTX 1080ti.


Naturally the hotel comes with excellent free WiFi and you don’t even need to stay overnight to use it. If you just want to play for a few hours, you can play for around £10 an hour or around £55 for 15 hours if you’re on a mad one on Dota 2!

The iHotel in Taiwan is available to book now over at, where rooms start at £45 a night. It is incredibly popular, though, so you’ll need to get booking well ahead of your Asian trip!


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