IKEA Releases Its First-Ever Bluetooth Speakers

While they may be known for their innovative, stylish and seriously cheap furniture and homeware, it’s always been a bit of surprise that IKEA have never turned their eye for design into the tech market. But that could all be about to change with the release of the ENEBY, IKEA’s first-ever Bluetooth speakers.

The IKEA ENEBY is a discrete and portable speaker with a clear, powerful sound. Available in two size; small (20cm x 20cm) and large (30cm x 30cm), the speaker is unsurprisingly presented in signature Scandinavian minimalist design with a front mesh and a single knob dominating its look.

Both speakers are equipped with handles for easy portability alongside thin black stands for displaying them in your home, with battery packs sold separately. It’s Bluetooth-enabled which means you can connect it to your phone and the like, but the speakers also come with 3.5 AUX cables if you want to kick it old school with your iPod Nano.


The simple white knob on the front turns the ENEBY on/off and also allows you to adjust the bass or treble. You can mount the speaker on the wall using a separately sold wall bracket, or if you prefer a clean minimalist look, you can remove the mesh fabric front and expose the speaker parts.

Available in Black or White, the IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speaker is available now over at the IKEA Website for £45.


In other news, IKEA’s reserach laboratory, Space10, has just unveiled a new menu of foods of the future featuring Mealworm Burgers and Algae Hotdogs.