CES always gives us something to talk about and 2016 is no different. One of the products from this year’s tradeshow on most Joe’s lips is ili – the world’s first wearable translator for travellers!

ili Wearable Translator

The idea is simple – say goodbye to all language barriers by talking into ili who will then translate your voice into a different language. Currently the wearable supports English, Chinese and Japanese.

The best bit about ili is it works without Wi-Fi, 3G or any other internet connection. The ili contains an OS of its own, which allows it to translate words instantly meaning you can use it anywhere anytime.

ili Wearable Translator 2
The makers of ili say that it’ll work in crowded areas too. So whether you’re in a pub, a restaurant or anywhere urban, ili has been designed to single out your voice and do away with all background noise. The powerful speaker also means it’ll clearly project the translation.

The wearable comes with a docking station where ili gets all its updates from the cloud and charges its battery. So it’ll always stay on top on new language trends and more importantly will stay charged.

ili Wearable Translator 3
ili comes with a library of travel lexicon so is clearly aimed at the travellers out there. There’s no word on pricing yet but pre-orders are expected to be taken around March with a view to deliver in the summer. Keep an eye on the ili Website for more details.

You may have already heard about the ili video as it’s been doing the rounds on social media – mainly because it’s pretty creepy. But it does also show off the wearable in all its glory, so take a look below to see the ili in action.



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