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I'm Watch Review

This week we were lucky enough to get our hands on one of the coolest bits of tech to come out of CES in Vegas. You may not know it yet but the smartwatch will become a piece of tech you won’t want to live without in years to come, and although it’s early days, this will be one of the biggest contenders. Read on for the I’m Watch Review.

Heralding from Italy, the I’m Watch is (according to I’m) the first real smartwatch. Connect your smartphone (including iPhone) via Bluetooth and the I’m Watch will display text messages, incoming phone calls, emails, weather, calendar and you can even hook up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Register your device via the I’m Cloud and you will be able to configure all of your apps from here, as well as download and add new ones such as stopwatches, games, and currency converters.

The watch feels good to wear and isn’t too big whilst being large enough to use the screen easily, if anything the I’m Smart watch could even be a little bit bigger if it was pushed. The battery life sits around 24 hours on standby, so it means you are pretty much going to be charging your phone and your watch in one. Not ideal by any means, but whilst using it with the iPhone 4S, it didn’t seem to deplete that too rapidly. Charging the I’m Watch comes via a standard USB cable.


The watch also allows you to take phone calls, listening via the inbuilt speaker and talking through the internal microphone. Ok lets start with our Star Trek fantasies. It is pretty cool being able to speak to people via your watch but unfortunately that’s as fas as it goes. The sound quality isn’t the best, and the actual speaker level isn’t high enough. So unless you are in a room on your own when you receive a call, then it won’t really be a viable option. Even whilst driving, road noise seems to drown out the speaker unless it’s positioned perfectly which is a pity.

Checking text messages is one of the best and most useful features on the watch. Much like the notification centre on an Android/iOS device, you can swipe to reveal new text messages (as well as other alerts from calendars, twitter etc) and then read them within the app. This is a cool and sneaky way to check your updates, and even stops you looking really unsociable getting your phone out every time you get a new message over dinner! You can play around with different sound alerts and change the tones which are named after true Italian symbols… well pasta actually (penne, rigatoni, spaghetti etc).

When you start to use the new I’m Watch it just seems to be a cool touch screen watch that displayed the time nice and bright. Once you get used it though, it makes you wonder how you ever managed to have a phone all this time without it being syncing with your timepiece. Being able to quickly read text messages or see who is calling without the need to find your phone is really useful and a great feature.

The software isn’t the most polished as of yet. The model we had was for review, and we have had no word on if this is the final firmware to be shipped to the public. Overall though, after a few teething problems, everything synced and worked, albeit not as smoothly as we would have liked. Not all the apps make sense either, for example, we cant see too many people scrolling through their Instagram accounts looking at small, low quality pictures instead of their phones. The watch is designed to compliment and assist a smartphone, not replace it.

The I’m watch hits the market in three styles, The Color Collection, The Tech Collection and The Jewel Collection. They have created some excellent colour-ways which look seriously cool and will suit pretty much any wears you might be sporting.

I’m Watch Review Verdict

This really is the first true smartwatch on the market, the Casio G-Shock Bluetooth comes close and of course we expect the Pebble E-Paper in a few weeks. But until then, the I’m Watch is the only smartwatch for your wrist, and although it may not quite be the real deal yet, it is certainly a step in the right direction. With a few updates in the right places, this could well become worthy of it’s £200 price tag.

For more information, head over to the I'm website.


This post is featured by I’m Watch but is completely independent and features our own views.



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