With cinema prices showing no signs of falling like the pound, it’s no great surprise that streaming services and home entertainment systems have seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years. But while we all love Netflix and a 42” screen, nothing will be able to replicate the cinema experience quite like IMAX’s newly unveiled ‘Private Theatre’ home cinema.

IMAX ‘Private Theatre’ Home Cinema

The IMAX Private Theatre will transform any room in your home – and you’d have to assume it would have to be a luxury abode – into your very own cinema, delivering an immersive entertainment experience as intense as it is at your local Odeon.

The Private Theatre Palais, to give it its full name, is all about luxury and premium tech. The intimately designed space will offer a complete audio-visual package with a user-friendly control system and optimal performance ensured by 24/7 system monitoring, so if anything goes wrong, IMAX have your back.

IMAX Private Theatre Home Cinema 1
It’s the first time cinema giants IMAX have offered up their entertainment experience to Joes in their own home, so they’re not holding back. The system will support multi-media functions including Blu-ray, high-definition TV, games and even Karaoke.

Featuring dual 4K 2D/3D projectors, and daily picture and sound calibration, your IMAX will be fitted floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. You’ll get the IMAX sound system thrown in too, as well as an exclusive theatre design by Theo Kalomirakis.

IMAX Private Theatre Home Cinema 3
The standard Private Theatre Palais will get you 7-20 seats, depending on the size of the room. But for those who more space that they know what to do with, there is also a super-duper version in the IMAX Private Theatre Platinum, which comes on a grander scale with 20 to 40 seats thrown in.

There’s no details on price for the IMAX Home Theatre as of yet but keep an eye on the IMAX Website for more details as and when they’re announced.

IMAX Private Theatre Home Cinema 4



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