Impossible Instant Lab

So in 2008 when Polaroid announced it would no longer be making instant film for its Polaroid cameras, a bunch of dedicated fans bought the last remaining factory, and started to produce their own film, under the name “The Impossible Project”.

Fastfoward 5 years, and Instagram is a massive worldwide movement, and all the app did was essentially produce retro styled digital versions of the snaps you would have got on your Polaroid in its heyday, and it might be making a comeback.

Next year the Socialmatic camera will be launched bearing the not quite deceased Polaroid brand, and will allow the snapper to select a filter for the image they take before printing that bad boy out. Nothing new, but evidently cool again.

While we wait for that, The Impossible Project have looked to blur the line between analogue and digital snaps with the Impossible Instant Lab, which kicks out a real life tangible photograph for you to pin on your wall, stick to your fridge or put on your mantlepiece.

Simply place your iPhone or iPod touch onto the pad on the Instant Lab, select the photo from your device, and the size film you want it produced on and within seconds it will become physical reality.

The Impossible Instant Lad retails for £219 and is available from the lab.