Even Joes whose sleeves are well and truly covered will know there’s one big problem with tattoos; nobody truly knows how it will look on your body until it’s too late. Which is why a team of software engineers in the Ukraine have come up with InkHunter, an app which shows you how your potential tat will look on your body before you go through with the agony!

InkHunter Tattoo App

The phrase ‘think before you ink’ exists for very good reasons: Firstly, some ideas are better on paper than in real life – we all saw Batman v Superman. Secondly, Joes by our very nature are a fickle bunch and what may seem like a great idea today certainly won’t in 10 minutes time. This is where Ink Hunter comes in very handy.

The augmented-reality app itself comes with a whole load of in-built tattoo designs from various artists that you can virtually imprint on your arm, leg or wherever you can manage to point your smartphone camera. The tattoo images even pixel on your skin in real time, so you can get a good look at your potential ink from various angles.

Ink Hunter Tattoo App 2
To use the app, all you need to do is put some ink on your skin by using a pen to draw a ‘Square Smile’ – essentially a flat-lined emoji-style face which anyone can draw. This physical ink is the guide for your app. It’s as easy as that. Choose the design and augment away!

Of course, you can take a photo to save for ideas and InkHunter even provides a blur effect, which mimics what your tat might look like after a couple of years of living life to the full. The only issue we can see at the moment is the app only caters for Black and White tattoos, though colour options are in development.

InkHunter is free to download now and could save you some serious pain. Head over to the InkHunter Website for more details.

Ink Hunter Tattoo App 3



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