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iPad2 - Anti Climax?

Loads of Colours - So What?

With Apple announcing the iPad2 Yesterday, I expect some people are feeling a little bit deflated and cheated? Why I hear you ask? Now before we start, we ARE fans of Apple, we all own or have owned an iPhone in the past 12 months and the odd mac scattered around as well.

This is an honest opinion, not sponsored by HTC and our reasons why we feel a little let down by the green machine:

1. It’s Thinner and Lighter
WOW – Great, now I can nearly fit the thing through a gap in the wall, and I haven’t heard of any stories in the papers about people needing to go to the gym to carry a first generation iPad, it is already small, it is already light. Yes the iPad 2 may fit under a baby penguin’s un-used wing but this is NOT a reason to trade in your existing iPad!

2. Dual Core A5 Processor – Its Fast, Times Two
Another WOW factor – name me an updated model of any piece of equipment in the world that doesn’t get faster? You wouldn’t buy a new laptop, which is ecatly the same yet slower would you? Yes the extra RAM may help memory hungry apps when you have 25 running in the background, but this is NOT a reason to trade in your existing iPad!

3. Two Cameras, Facetime & HD Video
OK, time to be nice, this is goooood! Facetime is quite a laugh but it won’t catch on, Skype is here and has been for a while, we can’t see it catching on as the main way to communicate. The HD video recording is a feather in the cap, but imagine holding up 9 inches to your girlfriends face (ahem)tooooo record a video? Yes it’s slimmer and lighter but it’s hardly a compact camera is it…?

4. iPad Smart Cover
A Concept that has been in use by third parties since the first iPad was released, not a massive jump forward, the magnets are quite a cool edition but it is hardly an essential update and a sticking point for buying is it?

The new OS update will be available for everyone, so that doesn’t matter, the battery life is touted as the same, although we do wonder if this is true? I feel somewhat disappointed from this offering by the Fruit Loops (See what I did there??!!). Call me cynical, but with rumours surrounding Steve Jobs I expected Apple to explode with a raft of new quirks and gadgets built into the tablet. But what it seems it is purely a small upgrade.

We will say this could be a work of genius by Apple, bringing out the iPad 1.5 means the original has already dropped in price to around the $300 mark and is now a perfect entry product into the tablet market. Much like the iPhone 3GS is to the iPhone 4.

We are more excited about the AV connector which means for a poultry $39 you can feed your iPhone4, iPad or 4 gen iPod strait to your TV, yes it will only be in 720 (compared to the iPad2 at 1080) but for us, this is the real jewel in the crown from yesterday.

A cool ploy or a major disappointment? Let us know!

iPad 2 with Joes favourite colour SmartCover



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