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iPhone 5 and iPad 2 to lose home button?
iPhone 5 Pics

Could this be the new iPhone 5? Photo by AJB

The rumour mill is rife this morning with reports that the next version of the Apple iPhone and iPad will lose their physical home buttons. New iOS 4.3 (expected in March) introduces multi-touch and allows users to navigate the app switcher and return to Apple home just by using the touch screen. Apparently select Apple employees are already testing beta devices without a home button around the ‘Apple Campus’. Now this is out in the open I am sure we will see a few more rumours pop out…

What do you think? Is it a good idea? I can understand the reasoning, it will allow for a bigger screen in the same sized phone / pad, perhaps even wide enough to get us to a lovely 16:9 widescreen view? It also takes us close to the multi-touch future of no buttons. For me though, the ‘safety’ of a home button is quite satisfying, if all else goes wrong I know it will get me out of trouble. Not only that but currently the phone is pretty symmetrical, with the home button missing, will it look top or bottom heavy?

What do you think? Will we see the home button removed? Will it be an improvement? You can check our mock of what the iPhone 5 might look like above and below.

iPhone 5 Pictures

iPhone 5 perfect for widescreen? Photo by AJB.



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