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iPhone Alarm Woes

Last Update 04 January 2011:OK so our alarms worked this morning, so we hope everything is working and fixed. However if you are still having problems please let us know.
This along with the hotmail account deletion is like Y2K all over again!

Update 01 January 2011:Happy New Year! Well for some! Apple and the iPhone bit back again this morning for some of us who set our alarm as yet again it is not working. It seems single alarms do not work at all, though re-occurring alarms do. This was supposed to be fixed this morning (3 Jan) but yet again mine didn’t go off. Let’s hope it gets sorted before many of us head back to work… Boooo…

Update: Meh, for the second day in a row our weekday alarms didn’t go off. The only way we can get this to work is to set a single alarm and sleep with the curtains open… If you know about other ways, let us know below.

I, like no doubt thousands of others this morning am late for work. Why am I late for work? One simple word, Apple. No I did not trip over one in the fruit isle in Tesco, instead it seems thousands upon thousands of us found an iPhone iOS 4 bug the hard way this morning.

Even with iPhones showing the right time, the operating system ignored Daylight Saving Time changed throughout Europe over the weekend and promptly chimed an hour late. Which if you are like me, made you assume it was Sunday… Don’t worry though, if your boss doesn’t believe, then just point them to this page and all will be sorted…

No word from Apple on this bug yet, but from what we can tell the bug is not present on iOS 3.x only on iOS 4. It seems Apple have known about the issue for over a month, when New Zealand had the same problem 4 weeks ago which Apple promised to fix. A little heads up would have been nice, I guess the next test will be when North America hit’s the changes on the 7th November.

If you set a normal alarm, this seems to work fine, and by completely deleting all your alarms and re-entering them, this seems to work as well. Well we hope this fixes the problem in the short term, please don’t sue us if it doesn’t!!

When we hear more, we will of course let you know.

Have you been affected? Let us know, and your best / worst stories this morning in the comments, on twitter or facebook.



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