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iPhone Apps of the Week #2

We all love a good iPhone app here at AJB, especially ones that are in the free chart and then go paid, is there a better feeling? (Do we need to get out more?). After alot of stiff competition on last weeks post from fans of Ninjump we have managed to put that down long enough to give you a run down of our favourite apps of this week.

Sky Sports News – Free

Sky Sports launched this new app to coincide with the launch of their new HD news channel and as well as taking the Sky Sports News channel away from Virgin and Freeview customers. This new app caters for all sports fans with the main page featuring a news feed from various sports. The menu interface is slick as you would expect from Sky, and there is also the option to watch Sky Sports News via Sky player (which requires a subscription). Fixtures, results, live games, news and more also feature in individual sports categories which basically puts Sky channel 405 into your iPhone. 5/5

Say What You See – £0.59

This game is absolute class, simple as that. A very simple concept that is as addictive and as frustrating as our good friend Angry Birds. The first level features a music festival backdrop with different images that require you to guess their cryptic meaning. A bit like the tv show catchphrase from the 90’s with the legend that is Roy Walker. Def worth checking out, take our word for it. 5/5

Around Me – Free

This app has been around for a while but is a great app for finding absolutely everything whereever you are. The around me app uses GPS to locate your position and then gives a full list of the nearest places of interest near you, ranging from banks, petrol stations, hotels, pubs, parking and pretty much everything else you would need to find. A clean user interface and simple navigation makes this a solid app. 4/5

Nectar – Free

The loyalty card Nectar released their app recently to keep up with the Tesco Clubcard app which has been around for a while. Playing catchup should have given Nectar the chance to make a really useful app but they seem to have left out the one thing that this app really needs. There is no barcode scanning functionality which just seems daft to us. Would have been a great feature and one which they seem to have forgotten. The app itself is clean and gives you offers at the stores you shop at and allows you to check your points balance. Expect the next update to have alot more features, hopefully. 3/5

TuneIn Radio – £0.59

Turn your iPhone into a radio player that features over 40,000 stations. This app works really well and hardly ever cuts out or loses signal (as long as you have 3G signal of course). Bookmark options allow you to save your favourite stations. Another clean interface really helps this app which is why it has been in the top 25 chart for months now. A bargain at 0.59p (Though I bought this the other day for £1.19, bad times)

Have you used any of the apps we have featured? Agree with us? Let us know below.

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