One of the best things about the iPhone is the endless amount of apps available that allow you to waste so much time. You all know those trips to the toilet wouldn’t be as entertaining if you couldn’t catch up on the news or complete a few levels on Angry Birds. Here we run down a few of our favourite apps at the moment. Want to suggest some for the next inclusion? Comment or let us know on twitter.

iPhone Apps of the Week

Flick Kick Football – 0.59p

This great game is nearly as addictive as smoking, infact, you will lose just as much time from your life trying to beat your high score as you would from smoking 20 a day. The aim of the game is to flick the ball into the goal from varying distances. Sounds easy right? Wait until you get to level 20+ and moving goalkeepers, defenders and 4 man walls start getting in your way. If you start heading towards 100, you are Premier League quality and let us know! 5/5

Sky Sports Live Score Centre – Free

This has been around for a couple of years now but it is still the original and best. Featuring team line ups, commentary, match stats and live league tables for all the major leagues around Europe, this is the only app you need for the football season. And with the season now underway again it is a must have. 5/5

Ninjump – Free

A new app that was released earlier this week and is currently sitting at the top of the free app chart. In this game you have to climb the walls and avoid various obstacles and enemies to get as high as you can. The game boasts a similar style to doodle jump and mega jump but another highly addictive time waster. Look out for scores over 2000+ 4/5

Angry Birds – 0.59p

Doesn’t really need an introduction but Angry Birds is still an absolute classic and one that we can’t put down. A recent update introduced a new ‘bulldozer’ style bird to the game and with a couple more updates on the way this game just keeps on getting better. Even once you have done every level, go back and try and get full marks on each one. A timeless classic! Download this before anything else. 5/5

ihotUKdeals – Free

This is an old app that we recently rediscovered. Content is generated by customers who post good deals they have seen or purchased online or in shops. When shops don’t post their heavily discounted goods you can be sure someone else has and will let the world know by posting on this app, handy for everyday bargains. 4/5

Think there are some decent apps that are worth checking out? Leave us a comment and let us know.



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