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iPhone4 Free Cases Options

Ok, so Apple have just announced their iPhone4 free case program and it all looks pretty sweet! You need to download the app (which is hard to find!!), I searched for ‘apple iphone case’, and then you will have 8 choices, they are;

Official iPhone4 Bumper (black only)
Needs no introduction, I have one and to be fair they are pretty slick. Just protects the outer edge but because of the raised profile it kind of protects the front and back as well.

If you could choose different colours I would probably order one.

RRP £25

Incase Snap Case (Smoke)
Very hard to find info on these cases, in-fact their own website doesn’t list iPhone4 products and thus the link is to the 3GS version…

Incase Snap Case (Clear)
As above, very hard to find info on these cases, in-fact their own website doesn’t list iPhone4 products and thus the link is to the 3GS version…

RRP £20 – 25

Belkin Shield Micra (Clear)
Belkin build quality products (for the most part) so no problems on the build quality here. it is super slim which is cool but the problem is it’s slippery! Like an eel! So although you have the case, expect it to be tested to the max as it keeps dropping from your sweaty mitts…

RRP £20 – 25

Belkin Shield Micra iPhone4 Case

Griffin Motif (Diamonds / Smoke)
There is hardly any info on this case anywhere as it is only just been released (and not on their website), but retailing at just $20 I am expecting something flimsy and rubber / plastic. So unless you want a floppy dildo round your iPhone4 I would give it a miss.

RRP £15 – 20

Griffin Reveal Etch (Black / Black Graphite)
The reveal is ‘A protective, full-coverage polycarbonate back with thin rubber sides that hug your iPhone to cushion and protect.’ It is also pretty sweet! at 1.6mm which is pretty cool, just think bumper with an emo type back!

Speck Fitted Case (Black Tartan)
Speck have a pretty good rep in the accessory industry, so expect these to be good quality. The problem is their site is so slow because of everyone searching for their cases!!
Although on the spec sheet this case is cool, with the extra hard exterior, access to buttons and out / in puts can be tricky as there is no give. However we do like the material feel and design of the back.

RRP £20 – 25

Speck Fitted iPhone4 Case

Speck PixelSkin HD (Black)
For me, this looks pretty sweet! With it’s combination of gloss and matte plastics and the rear design I would imagine this is what I am going to hit for.

RRP £20 – 25

Speck Pixelskin HD iPhone4 Case

By the way, shipping for all these bad boys is 5 to 8 weeks, so expect breakages and signal problems till then!!

So what are your thoughts? Already gone for your case? Which one? Let us know!

A bit olf hat, you are much more likely to be looking at iphone5 Cases and Protection.



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