Now we have had the Jabra HALO2 Wireless Headphones for a few months now, so we can’t really call them new! But they have travelled with us the world over, heading to Barcelona, France, America and even Australia. And for travel, they are a godsend!

jabra halo2 wireless headphones

Now although these headphones are packed with features, such as Bluetooth 3.0 as well as using them to answer and make calls, they are very small and compact. Infact, even with all those features, we have used them mainly in their purest form, as headphones.

The first thing of note is the look. They are nothing like the current trend of large, retro like headphones such as the limited edition Gold Beats by Dre. With the Jabra HALO2, think more slim, sleek and near space like. Not only are they quite small, they are also foldable, which we found invaluable when squeezing into our hand luggage on flights.

Although you can connect via Bluetooth, there is a normal headphone jack, for people, like us, who prefer the classic way of listening to music! These are great headphones for walking around town, being light and pretty unobtrusive. However we are not sure if they would stay on during extreme exercise, and we also found that on longer flights or times of wearing, they could become slightly uncomfortable and you would need to move them around.

Overall though, a great alternative to the current trend of headphones, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you could do a lot worse than the Jabra HALO2 Wireless Headphones, and you can pick some up from Amazon for around £65.




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