Here at Average Joes we love a bit of tech where the aesthetic of a device has been thought about as carefully as the specs themselves. Which is why we love the look of this wireless omnidirectional Steel Speaker by designer Joey Roth.

Joey Roth Steel Speaker

Handmade Stateside in Portland, Oregon, this stunning looking speaker is made from just steel, aluminium and maple wood. It utilises Bluetooth technology and is able to play your beats in every direction thanks to a hardwood ball placed strategically at the bottom of the speaker.

The speaker comes in at 3-inches x 4-inches x 15.5-inches (7.62 x 10.16 x 39.37 cm), so it’s not the most conspicuous of things but it does mean it packs an almighty punch. The Steel Speaker is a mass-loaded transmission line that uses quarter-wave harmonics for some unparalleled bass response.

Joey Roth Steel Speaker 3
Joey Roth has positioned a hardwood ball at the bottom which diffuses sound from the front of the driver in all directions. The ball also houses the Bluetooth antenna, since it’s the only part of the Steel Speaker that does not block RF.

You can pre-order for an early 2016 delivery one of the Joey Roth Steel Speakers from the Joey Roth Website where one speaker is the Raw colourway will set Joes back around £300 ($450) and one in Graphite will cost Joes around £330 ($500). We love the minimalist aesthetic and think it would be great for any contemporary Joe and their office/living space!

Joey Roth Steel Speaker 2



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