Running out of phone battery and the fear it can install into Joes is one of the biggest annoyances you can experience. There are plenty of options around but very few are simple, small and cheap. But the JuiceBox might just be the answer.

JuiceBox Smartphone Charger

JuiceBox was created in March this year and had one goal: to innovate and simplify the charging of mobile devices without requiring any form of wires, cables, bulky charging cases, or power bricks.

The biggest problem with the JuiceBox, depending on how you look at it, is in order to fulfil the brief, the makers have made the device so small that each charger only comes packed with just one 20 minute charge.

While 20 minutes of charging isn’t a lot, most of us usually only need that extra bit of battery and the JuiceBox should easily provide smartphones with a good hour of extra life, which could be essential.

There are two versions of the JuiceBox – one of the iPhone (Lightning) and one for Samsung phones – and each are water resistant. It’s made from ABS plastic and comes with a top lithium ion battery and a double shielded charging cable for maximum durability.

For an emergency-only device, we like the idea of the JuiceBox. You’ll also get a reinforced waterproof plastic case and a keyring with each version, so attach it to your keys and they’ll be easily available whenever and wherever you need it.

The JuiceBox is being funded through Kickstarter and reached its modest $5,000 target after just a couple of days. You can still get hold of one though as there’s over 20 days of pledging to go. Prices start at around £5 ($7) for one and go up to around £50 ($75) for 24 JuiceBoxes. Well worth the stress it could save, if you ask us!




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