June Intelligent Oven

Here at Average Joes, we say it’s simply not cricket for the modern man to not be able to cook. Whether you’re single or have a partner, we should all be doing our bit. But we also know it’s tough to learn, so we’ve got your back. Joes, meet your June. The ultimate in intelligent ovens.

The June Intelligent Oven delivers unprecedented performance for baking, roasting, broiling, toasting, and slow cooking. It’s the size of a large microwave, so fits easily on your countertop, yet boasts a large 1.0 cubic foot capacity. So you can use it for everything from elaborate roasts to bog standard 12-inch pizzas.

So how intelligent is June? The answer is very. It’s most basic features include an integrated food thermometer, so you’ll never overcooked (or undercook) your chips. June tells you when your food is done.

It also has a 5-inch touchscreen that’s intuitive and user friendly and cooks food faster, and uses less energy than traditional ovens, thanks to June’s precision thermal engineering. Advanced carbon fibre heating elements achieve maximum power in under 5 seconds, which results in quicker pre-heating. Room temperature to 350°F happens in just 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Now here comes the cool bits. About to cook a steak? June knows. With advanced machine intelligence called Food ID, the in-ceiling camera recognises common foods as you close the door. Not only that, June will then offer a chef-designed program to help cook it to perfection.

Rare, Medium or Well-Done – June will do it. Food ID will recognise your steak, weigh it through its built in scales, and recommends a cooking program. Each program is hand-tuned and tested to produce stellar results.

But we all know the time you spend outside the kitchen is important too. So June’s got herself a smartphone app. Get notifications when dinner’s ready through June’s built in wifi or check cooking progress from anywhere, with live streaming video from June’s built-in HD camera.

There’s also step-by-step video recipes available authored by master chefs. You can modify existing recipes to suit your taste buds, or even write your own. Add recipes to your calendar and June writes you a shopping list, scaled to suit the number of guests.

Without testing June out, it’s hard to know how well this technology will work. All we know is, on paper, the June Intelligent Oven sounds incredible. You can put a pre-order in now via the June Website. A deposit of $95 (around £60) is needed with it costing $1,495 (roughly £1,000) overall. You’ll get your June Intelligent Oven in Spring 2016.